Let’s change the world with your smiles!!

We will create an environment where children can enjoy and play freely at a large playground and quaint building.

Advance admission application form

Pre-opening in September 2022 and the main opening in April 2023 are available for advance reservations. If you are considering entering our kindergarten, we will guide you to an individual school tour, so please fill out the necessary information on this application form and apply for the tour.


Education Policy 1


We value individuality, nurture emotions and sentiments, and nurture values ​​in children with rich hearts.

Education Policy 2


Through everyday life in the kindergarten, children will naturally acquire skills, interact with children from all over the world, and nurture the foundation for taking off to the world.

Education Policy 3


Enjoy using your body. Raise children who are physically and mentally healthy through various sports.

Teachers Interview

Introducing interviews with Universal Kids Bangkok teachers!


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